Jacob Burnim

I am a software engineer at Sift Science, fighting fraud with machine learning.

I recently finished my Ph.D. in Computer Science at the University of California, Berkeley, where I worked on software testing and program analysis with Koushik Sen.


jburnim AT gmail.com

(415) 971-8004


Determinism and Correctness for Parallel Programs

Correctness of Parallel Programs under Relaxed Memory Consistency

Symbolic Execution and Automated Test Generation

Other Work


I was Local Organization Co-Chair for RV 2011.

I have been an external reviewer or sub-reviewer for:


I wrote CREST, an automatic test generation tool for C. CREST is an extensible C++ platform for building strategies for exploring the path space of a C program using concolic execution.


Before starting at Berkeley, I worked as a software engineer at Google on the (Web) Search Quality team, building a machine learning system for ranking search results the (Web) Search Quality team. I also interned on the Gmail Ads team.

I studied Computer Science and Mathematics at the California Institute of Technology. I remain a proud Darb.

I spent three summers in the MITRE Nanosystems Group, working with Dr. James Ellenbogen on quantum capacitances and designs for nanoscale memory.